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Installed in Uganda 1992: one of over 1500 Consallen pumps installed in Uganda to date

The Consallen hand pump shown here was installed in Uganda in 1992. It is one of some 1500 used in a successful, sustainable, and on-going programme run by the Busoga Trust in Uganda, East Africa. This pump is installed on a hand dug well. The scheme was started in 1983 using Consallen pumps supplied by UNICEF. The programme is still installing the same pump because it has performed well and is economical to operate and maintain - it is sustainable and has been proved to be the best value. The project also includes protected springs and drilled boreholes where appropriate.

Maintenance for the Consallen handpumps, including spares and fitting, costs about US$ 20 a year, of which, 20% is for spare parts, and the remainder in the preventative maintenance organisation and management. They each serve about 250 to 300 people, so the cost is affordable in any society. This is only possible because the pump is engineered to a quality suited to the task of 25,000 handle movements a day or 9 million a year.



The Consallen is a 'community' hand pump designed to serve about 250/300 people. We have developed a unique method of low cost and effective total maintenance, based on the circuit rider concept, which supports the pump when it is used as the sole source of clean drinking water for a community. This duty requires that at least 6,000 litres of water is reliably pumped per day, every day, without breakdown or failure.

The pump is economical because it will reliably serve more people than others. Cheap pumps will only reliably serve 100 people or less. Not only are more of the cheaper pumps required, but also the wells to put them in. This fact renders the Consallen pump HIGHLY COMPETITIVE for all community water projects.

With the ability to maintain a quality permanent pump like this at reasonable cost, the useful life is indefinite.

Our experience in the permanent operation and maintenance of hand pumps is available on request.

The original and still the only hand pump which uses entirely STANDARD spare parts, obtainable from Engineers' Merchants everywhere.   All wearing components like piston seals, bearings, bolts and O-rings are standard commercially available spares used and stocked for industrial and commercial use all over the world.   Spares are available by mail order, and also from engineer's merchants everywhere.


  • Long life pumps, easily maintained, spares universally available, from Engineers and Agricultural Merchants everywhere giving excellent long term VALUE.   All major components such as rodding and rising main are permanent and corrosion proof.   Only small affordable items required as consumable spares.   The high quality ensures that they last indefinitely.

  • The welded steel pump head is 'hot dip' galvanised after fabrication for strength and resistance to corrosion. We use high tech laser technology for accurate fabrication which contributes to the great strength and durability of this important item. This is the only hand pump currently in production using three deep groove sealed ball bearings in the handle.

  • The Consallen will pump from up to 60 metres below ground level, but will also perform just as satisfactorily in shallow wells.

  • One full stroke of the positive displacement cylinder is 0.33 litres.

  • Everything below ground is entirely corrosion proof, being made of stainless steel and plastics with brass and rubber elements. Nothing below ground is capable of any type of corrosion in any groundwater.

  • Pumping cylinders are fully honed seamless drawn Admiralty brass with Nylon pistons and industry standard hydraulic polyurethane piston seals & wear rings.

  • Rising Mains (drop pipes) types are in ABS plastic (NOT uPVC) with screwed & socketed joints, which are unscrwed entirely by hand - no wrenches required.

  • The standard cylinder and rising main may be comfortably installed in a borehole internal diameter of only 55mm.

  • Handle fitted with three industrial standard metric deep groove ball bearings with two rubber seals, brass centres and retaining bolts in stainless steel. The housings are NC machined for absolute consistency and to allow the uncomplicated field replacement of bearings.   The new ones can as simply be pushed in again using hand methods in the field; no need to replace the handle.

  • Installation and maintenance using a simple 'bicycle' type tool kit weighing 1.5 Kg only.

  • Speak to us about low maintenance costs and systems to deliver assured and continuous availability with zero down-time, and a spares system to match, as mentioned in the Introduction.

  • Mail order spares delivery option world wide or in country;   ask for details.   We will also provide details of your nearest local Engineers' Merchant on request.


No design can, or indeed should, remain static, and we have developed the pump design over the years since production began in 1976.   Improved materials and manufacturing methods have been introduced as they became available, but we have also ensured that no developments have made earlier models redundant.   All current and earlier versions of the Consallen hand pump are entirely spares compatible.   All current spares and all structural components will fit all Consallen hand pumps of whatever age or year of manufacture.

We intend to continue this policy, and all further development will also ensure that whatever different methods of manufacture or materials are used, spares will always fit retrospectively. The Spares are all STANDARD - of course.



There are three aspects of successful 'maintenance' so far as handpumps are concerned which are of equal importance. These are, 'is there a will to carry out maintenence', 'is the pump maintainable' and 'are spares available'.

If an organisation exists, or one can be set up, the first of the essentials is present at some point in time. It depends on the type of organisation whether the situation is sustainable over the longer term. The literature is full of ideas on the maintenance of hand pumps - mostly bemoaning the fact that it is a difficult problem or describing failed systems; successful schemes seem hard to find - you need to start by having a good design of pump and a committed manufacturer, like Consallen, who is interested in the performance of his product.

There are some good, practical, working schemes and we have details of these which we will share with interested parties. Our knowledge and experience is automatically at the disposal of users and specifiers of Consallen hand pumps. One example is shown below.

It is more difficult to maintain anything that starts off in the 'poor quality' category than something which was designed originally to be easily maintained. The Consallen was designed from the outset to be easily and simply maintained using an affordable level of spare parts. The result has been a hand pump that it is feasible to keep in operation indefinitely using a low total cost of easily replaceable small size spares; a pump which is better value than any competing hand pump available.

The fact that the Consallen employs only wearable spares which are industrial standard components, means that the pumps can be maintained and supplied with spares which are obtainable locally everywhere.   Industrial 'standard' components are not only used in hand pumps.   They are also essential spares for a wide variety of industrial, agricultural and construction machinery, and are stocked everywhere by Engineers' and Agricultural Merchants.   Our piston seals, for example, are standard hydraulic seals used in agriculture, construction and manufacturing industry;   similarly with bearings, bolts, screws and O-rings.

Another good method of spares distribution is Mail Order. This is highly successful as a means of distributing of a wide range of goods all over the developed world, and can be used to do the same in the developing world.   A fact which many find surprising is that the postal services in many developing countries work very well. We can distribute spares by airmail cheaper than they can be stocked locally.



Delivery of spares to villages in Africa is regarded by many as a difficult problem; it is not. At Consallen, we have solved this by making spares availbale to users of our pumps by making them available by Mail Order. By sending an e-mail or text, we will take the items from stock and pack them so that they may be mailed immediately payment has been received.

Delivery by post takes about 7 days to most places in Africa - including the smallest Trading Centre post office. The cost of mail order averages about 8% of the cost of the spare item. This very small amount, while being easy for a manufacurer like ourselves, would be commercially unattractive to any local trader. The system ensures that spares are not only very readily available, but are low priced, with no intermediary's mark-up.

Payment can be by several different methods, but the most expeditious appears to be the PayPal system using a Credit Cards or mobile phone credit transfer. Details of the system may be seen by going to:

This system bye-passes normal banking systems with the delays, costs and bureaucracy and employs the international Credit Card system in widespread use. It allows donors and supporters to simply and easily give the necessary funds to support the pumps they give to villages, schools and churches everywhere.